Buy, Bail, or Resale. –Early Jan 2020--

Buy, Bail, or Resale. –Early Jan 2020--

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Because this is the first post I will describe what this is all about and then we’ll get into it. Our goal with Buy, Bail or Resale is to continue the conversation about these new releases going on for the beginning and end of every month. This month of January, we will be going through some of the most anticipated drops of early January 2020 (Jan 1 – Jan 15) and give you a rating.

Buy – Buy and keep for the toe.

Bail – Not spend your time or money. Aka trash.

Resale – Not my style but will be worth the profit.


Now if I missed a shoe, either I couldn’t find a confirmed release date, I didn’t notice it at all, or it was just so bad I didn’t want to talk about it. But if y’all want me to talk about it leave me a message on Instagram or email me. (info at the bottom)


Let's not waste any time and jump into the upcoming drops for the new decade in 2020.


01.02 - Nike LeBron 7 "China Moon" – The China Moon LeBron 7’s are another recent retro of one of LeBron’s more popular early model sneakers. With the recent release of the LeBron 7 Christmas just a few days ago, I’m really into the idea of retro-ing early stage LeBron’s because I simply love those shoes. The shoes that started this whole reselling journey for me is the LeBron 9 Freegum, which to this day I will say is one of the most under-rated performance/fashion LeBron to ever be released. Given the current state of LeBron resale, and judging off how the Christmas 7s sold, I would say BUY if you’re looking for a simple and reliable basketball shoe, or just a shoe that follows the white/gold color palate. Otherwise, if you’re not into LeBron’s or just don’t see the appeal of the shoe I would just BAIL.

01.03 – Nike Kobe 5 Protro ‘Chaos’ – This one I will make quick… it’s a dope shoe but there’s nothing super appealing or unique about it. Would much rather prefer the Kobe 5 protro Gamer Exclusive (2K20) version of the shoe, but thanks to the SNKRS app and issues with linking my account, I was unable to secure that pair. Because I’m salty about that and because it looks like a glossy cracked white Kobe 5 I would just go with BAIL.

01.07 – Nike LeBron 17 “Infrared” – This one is also fairly basic… it’s a LeBron 17, which is a fantastic performance basketball shoe but I’m not huge into wearing them for off-court events. If you’re looking for a solid hooping shoe that red and black this is a perfect candidate, but otherwise it’s nothing new. BAIL.

01.11 – CLOT x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Rose Gold Silk” - Umm… BUY, and buy as many as you possibly can. I just picked up the Royal Blue pair (had to pay resale) but this is a legendary collab that will not happen again within the next decade, according to a report by Edison Chen and Nike. With the release of prior models (black, blue, and the silver mid) this collection will be one that people will 100% try to complete with every new release coming out, and overall the partnership, and quality construction of the shoe will have the prices rising consistently for the next few months if not years. Expect these shoes to sell over 1k each (black one is already there) by mid-2020. BUY & HOLD

01.11 – Air Jordan 13 “Reverse He Got Game” – What can I say about these…eh. Yeah they’re Jordan 13s with a black/white color blocking pattern… OH but don’t forget they put a circle around the Jordan jump man on the tongue. These shits are ok… I don’t know what it is, but these look way cornier than that He Got Games… it might be the color blocking, or it might be the stupid circle. These are ok. If you beat the shit outta your old He Got Games… these could be a decent pick up, otherwise… BAIL.


That’s a wrap for early January, let me know if I missed any shoe you want to know my opinion on, would love to keep the conversation going.

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See y’all mid-January.