Mission: Moldova

Some background: Moldova is a tiny country nestled right near Ukraine, it is a fairly poor nation, with extreme poverty in the rural areas. I had visited nearly a decade ago and my family has been sending clothes & basic goods there ever since. 


Now that I have access to so many shoes, and find so many cheap deals, I don't mind giving away 2-5 sneakers a month. Plus, all the in-authentic shoes that are sent in to me for consignment that don't pass a legit check are donated as well (with permission from the sender). 


This is an open invitation to all re-sellers and kind-hearted people, if you have any basic goods (toothpaste, brushes, soap, etc.) and/or clothing (t-shirts, worn jackets, hoodies, old shoes, in-authentic shoes, etc) feel free to email: kif.kicks@gmail.com


If you are more inclined to send money to be spent on basic necessities like the ones listed above you can send donations to:

CashApp - $NicholasKif


We will provide you an address to send the goods to and all proceeds (100% EVERYTHING) will be donated. We will begin posting the impact that Kif Kicks has in these donations in the months to come. Thank you everyone in advance! <3